My friend did not look happy. His name is Frank. Frank is having a lot of problems. He was living in Boston but when his mother died he had to go to live with his father because he lived alone in the country.


His father’s name is Mike. Mike was always sad. He walked through the woods while he was crying so Frank cried too. I didn’t know what to do though I finally thought to give them a present. A dog! Yes a dog.

Now they are a little happier thanks to Piluca because Piluca is beautiful and very funny. By the way, Piluca is the dog’s name…


Relato 181.0


Tale 1.0

She was looking for something though she didn’t know what. Why was she crying? She didn’t know, or she did. She was looking out of the window and she tried to think of the future but she didn’t believe in it. She only believed in the present and she didn’t like the present.

She was sitting so she stood up and made coffee. She loved coffee and also she loved reading so she got a cup of coffee and a book and she lay on the bed to read but she kept crying…

G. Sayah


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